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So with all this talk about the Oscar's and Will Smith and Chris Rock and hearing many people post their opinions, I figure I try my hand at it also. Here is my take on it, while I do agree that Will could have went about a different way, he did what he felt like was right and that was protecting his wife. Now I did see the part where Will did started off laughing at first which had me confused because if you felt that Chris shouldn't joke about your wife and her health than why laugh. Was it because Jada wasn't laughing at it? Did you have to think about it for a second? I do understand why Will felt some type of way and why he slapped Chris and to be honest I don't feel like he was wrong. Now to Chris, he is a comedian and there are a lot of comedians that makes jokes about a lot of people and their situations, some personal and some not so personal. Whether Chris knew about her Alopecia or not, he did what he gets paid to do and that is to make funny jokes. We don't know if he meant something by it or not (I'm hoping not) but there are jokes that can be funny and than there are jokes that is not so funny and this joke was taken as both. So as I sum my opinion up in which I'm sure if somebody is reading this than he or she would say this is complete bullshit (which is okay with me because I welcome all criticisms, advice, opinions, etc). So anyway, to finally end this, if Will is wrong for the slap than Chris is wrong for making that joke.

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